Site Visits: Visit the Project at appropriate intervals, or at such intervals as the Owner agrees, to review the Work of the Contractor for Defective Work, to become familiar with the progress and quality of the Work on the Project and to determine if the Work is proceeding in conformity with the Contract Documents.  

Progress:  Record the progress of the Project and provide written reports to the Owner on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Such reports shall include information on the Contractor’s Work, as well as completion status on the entire Project. 

Construction Schedule:  Review and approve the construction schedule for conformance with the Contract Documents, and inform the Owner of the need to update the Project Schedule as required to show current conditions to conform to the Construction Schedule. 

Meetings:  Schedule, conduct and participate in preconstruction, progress, quality control and special meetings with the Owner and any other parties involved in the Project to discuss such matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling.  The Consultant shall prepare and distribute minutes of all such meetings to the Owner, the Contractors and any other parties involved.

Submittal Review: Review and approve or take other appropriate action upon Contractor submittals such as Shop Drawings, Product Data and Samples, for conformity with the Contract Documents and shall review drawings, calculations and designs required of the Contractor and provided with such submittals.

Change Orders: The Consultant shall request Proposals from Contractors for potential and proposed changes in the Work.  Prepare Change Orders and any necessary Drawings, Specifications and other documents and supporting data for Change Orders.

Contractor Payments: Based upon the review of the applicable Work and evaluations of the applicable Contractor’s Applications for Payment, review and approve, modify or reject the amounts shown on such Applications as being due to the applicable Contractor in accordance with the Contract Documents.  

Contract Closeout:  Upon completion of Contractor’s Punch List, the Consultant shall provide notice to the Owner that the Work is ready for Final Inspection, conduct the Final Inspection and prepare a revised Punch List, if applicable.  

The design is complete, the contract is written, now we need to assure your project is completed as intended by our professional designers.  Our full service approach ensures that our clients get what they paid for, are satisfied with the end product and have complete documentation of the project from beginning to end.   ​​​​Our Construction Management Phase Consists of the Following:

 Construction Management Phase